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2015-10-19Processmachines within food and beverage!

Processmachines within food and beverage!

Minimotor is going all in on products for processmachines within food and beverage.
The demands are increasing steadily for appropriate products in the process industry.
Longer service intervals, more energy-efficient products and shorter deliverytimes are now
standard requirements but few manufacturers today canĀ“t meet these criterias.
Flexibility and small series is also a part of the everyday life the end user lives in.

Minimotor is maybe the only motor manufacturer in Europe that can live up to these requirements.
Today we have a complete program of motors and gearboxes that is custommade for these applications.

Some selected product advantages:

  • Up to IP67 as standard
  • No flanges on motor/gearbox - easy to rinse/wash
  • Made for continuous drift if necessary
  • "Food oil" lubrication in the gearbox
  • Compact relative to the output torque
  • Can be purchased in smaller quantity with shorter lead time

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